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How to Overcome Co-Parenting Challenges with a Mobile App

An Our Family Wizard Review

To say co-parenting is difficult is an understatement. As the couple parts ways and shares joint custody of one or more children, tension and miscommunication mount with the new challenges. After all, if parents were good at this, they probably wouldn’t split up in the first place. 

And not to mention the legal costs that add up, even after you’re done with the divorce trials. According to LegalMatch.com, the average child custody case can cost anywhere from $3,000 - $40,000. And with more often than not, legal help is sought for the slightest disagreement.

Luckily, there are mobile apps that can help parents resolve common disputes in real-time, without paying their lawyers thousands of dollars by the hour. One of the best programs in this regard is Our Family Wizard (OFW), and their mobile app offers all the features that you need to overcome communication issues in custody and visitation cases, as well as coordinating daily activities and sharing expenses with your ex.     

Top 5 Challenges of Co-Parenting 

The following are some of the major challenges that the OFW app can help you with:

Constant negative talk about the other parent not only makes co-parenting difficult, but it also tears the child apart, who already is going through a lot. If both parents engage in this behavior, it can create low self-esteem and a sense of unworthiness in the child. Trust is key in shared custody, but backbiting each other breaks the trust between all parties involved. 

It doesn’t help at all when one home is free-for-all while the other is total discipline. Managing bed-times is a common issue in co-parenting. It’s equally stressful for the kids when parents fight about issues like setting bedtimes or planning leisure activities during the week. Instead, kids should learn flexibility, that different rules apply in different environments. 

While parents always want to make the best decision for their children, it is not always practical, especially when there are last-minute requests to change the schedule. The solution almost always involves considering what is best for the children, which may or may not include what she wants to do (e.g. going to the movies on school nights etc.)

According to Chelli Pumphrey (therapist, love coach), it’s difficult for a parent to relinquish control over their children, especially if they were the primary caregiver during the marriage. One way to overcome this problem is to communicate without letting your emotions get in the way. 

It’s tough for one parent to keep their act clean while the other totally disregard the schedule. It’s hard for keeping an uncooperative ex in check, and bringing in a lawyer for every conflict is costly. 

What Ideal Co-Parenting Looks Like 

It takes a lot of work and dedication before two parents can say their co-parenting relationship is going well. Here are some key indicators of good co-parenting:

Establishing boundaries at the beginning makes everyone’s life easier. That way you have greater peace of mind knowing what and what not you can control in this relationship.

A predetermined schedule makes the parents’ time more manageable than “we’ll see” oral plans. That way, barring unforeseen circumstances, parents can count on each other to maintain commitments. 

Even if there is a predetermined schedule, you should be flexible and accommodating, especially if you want the other parent to be flexible as well.

Accountability is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to sharing expenses and coordinating timings without getting lawyers involved. 

Clear communication means keeping things honest and to-the-point, without letting your emotions come in the way. It also means talking directly to each other instead of making messengers out of your kids!

Again, this means deciding beforehand which parent is responsible for which duty, and if any changes are expected.  

This is easier said than done, and you require a system to maintain this delicate balance. And this where Our Family Wizard Comes in. 

Take Advantage of what Our Family Wizard can offer now. 

OFW Makes Good Co-Parenting Easy 

The OFW family subscription offers you the following features that you can easily access to their mobile app:


A single application allows users to:

Message Board

This feature is far more secure than text or email as your messages can never be edited, deleted, or retracted. This allows greater accountability in your communications. Not to mention, the patented ToneMeter™ keeps your tone in check even on days when you feel like killing your ex! 

Expense Log

This feature makes expense management simple and reduces financial conflict. It allows you to:

Plus, you can also send documented e-payments though the OFWpay™ feature. 


This is a virtual diary that you can share with your family as well as your lawyers. You can track last-minute changes, or record your observations in one certified log. 

Info Bank

Finally, the info bank helps you store all your family information into one place, such as:

What is OFW(Our Family Wizard)? 

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Features of Our Family Wizard

Calender for scheduling in Our Family Wizard
Manage and Track Payments in OFW
Makes Co Parenting much easier sharing on the Our Family Wizard App
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I decided to go through and scour Forums, Groups, and Reviews to find authentic reviews of the product. These are a reflection of actual parents in your current situation, and how this program either hurt or help them through the process. 

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Is Our Family Wizard Right for you? 

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